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‘Our records’ was founded in 2012 by George Kelly to fulfill his dream in creating an outlet that will meet no genre boundaries and musical taboos.

As an idea ‘Our Records’ existed long before it was launched. Two good friends of Kelly suggested that he should create a record label that its sole purpose is to release good music and be open and reachable to new talent as well as provide a home for his own productions. That home would be called ‘Our Records’.

A decade later Kelly after having success under his other music production aliases comes back with the idea and utilizes his contacts and experience to create a leading and innovating music label. In addition to the record label, Kelly introduces ‘Our Samples’, an audio library label of the highest quality to cover the needs of professionals within the industry. He investigates researches and finally invests in creating multi-track, loop and one-shot sound libraries, covering anything to drums, vocals and electro-acoustic instruments to sound effects as well as provide esteemed artists signature libraries to the public.

Both labels feature an impressive array of upcoming and esteemed artists and driven by our musical passion, the mission is set to explore and mature over the years in a reliable and full-flavored musical outlet.

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