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ILL Advised

Who is this dude? A ‘once upon a time’ B-boy, who moved with the times and took the minutes, a student of the hip mentality, created out of pure funk, an insider looking in. He turns that mother out, his favourite colour is blue and he likes dancing with ladies, to music, with a beat. Move or be moved. His beat, his style, his sounds, are unique. He can dig Funk, Hip-Hop, Boogie, Disco and House. Ya dig? This music isn’t produced; it’s created, organically with L.O.V.E. He’s been putting sounds in your speakers since1996 fast forward to the future of now and fresh tunes are still coming out; with quality product available on K7, Masterpress, HDB, Our records, Chopshop and many, many more, available through a digital (or physical) distributer or shop near you. He’s a Veteran, preaching knowledge to the ears of the wise. And the message is, Dance sucker. That’s right. Dance.