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Blend Mishkin

DJ Blend aka Mishkin was born and raised in Athens. He is much known for his love and passionate affection to dogs. He has also gained an international reputation in the dub/reggae genre as the last 15 years he has toured all over Europe Djing and playing live as well as producing and releasing music through various esteemed labels. In 2006 he co-founded Cast-a-Blast records along with Jeff Gonzales aka Bruises N’ Cuts to output their own material. His latest recordings are all about Reggae, Dancehall , Dub and Tropical vibes with a hip hop twist and has managed to work with an impressive set of artists like the Dub Pistols, Wax Tailor, The Hot 8 Brass Band, DJ Spooky, Grant Phabao and vocalists Carlton Livingston, Jamalski, Sani Showbizz, Screechy Dan and African Simba.