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Pablo Sanchez

Pablo is a Venezuelan Dj & Producer living in Barcelona via Brooklyn. He found himself traveling the World in search of good music & good waves at an early age. His music career started in NYC in the late 90's with a good push start from the legendary Satellite Records. He became part of the city´s music scene Djing in the most relevant venues of the time. Around the year 2001 he made his first studio recordings and live shows with the project Soul Dynamics alongside neighborhood friend Alexi Delano. After NYC, he landed first in Madrid and then in Barcelona, Spain where he currently launches out to the rest of Europe DJing in places like Stockholm, Berlin, Budapest, Moscow, and countless more as well as festivals like Sonar in Barcelona, (2005, 2010, 2011) Popkomm in Berlin and San Sebastian Jazz Festival on different occasions. His productions include collaborations with a handful of vocalist and musicians from the most diverse backgrounds, including UK´s vocal sensation Colonel Red, swedish future-soul singer Kissey Asplund and many more. His releases can be heard on labels like Apersonal, Lovemonk, GAMM and Wonderwheel records among others. Pablo has been touring the US on a yearly basis playing NYC, SF, LA, DC, San Diego , Puerto Rico and more. On the Dj side you will hear sounds from Detroit, Chicago, London or Berlin during any of his sets. His sessions oscillate seamlessly around electronic, funk and jazz elements, always on the uplifting side of things. Deep house, Disco and Afro-funk are some of his strongest influences as well as the different variations of jazz, dub and hip-hop.