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Mattia Tuliozi / Madame Wish / Tulioxi, is a producer and versatile musician well known for his laziness. Born in Florence, he began his activities in the early 90s with a cheap guitar and punk attitude until he founnd interest in digital audio editing and accordingly, the electronic music.
Since 1997 he has played sequencers and synths in a band called "Seeds Of Love Grown Insane" being part of the first Psy-Trance Goa wave in Italy.  In the meantime, he has played with at least a million bands in Florence Tuscany. Since 2001 he began to produce all kinds of EDM at least thirty works among EP, Singles, collaborations and participations in other artists albums. Tulioxi has never abandoned his machines and has always tried to develop performances on the basis of his instruments. One of his characteristics is the ability to perform an organic live set made from 100% of instrumentation hardware, without abuse of laptops and software.  Since 2011 he operates Cosmic Sumo Records, a small independent label dedicated to the sounds of Cosmic Disco.