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Robbie and Johnny who make up JMRS have been working together in one way or another for the last 12 years: making tracks, working on music for Ads, TV shows and doing the occasional live art show with visuals by Headzinc.
Busy schedules in other facets of “the game” have kept them apart for a bit, but last year they spent some time in Brighton and put down a few slam jams, due for release soon.
Johnny has been DJ’ing for over 20 years and held prestigious residencies in Twilo (NY), Centro Fly (NY), Heavenly Jukebox (London) plus many more (not going to bore you with a list). He has toured the world playing records with The Chemical Brothers and Death in Vegas (UK and Europe only), remixed stadium rockers U2 twice, worked with David Holmes and consults with TV/film companies on music.
Robbie been producing and engineering since the glory days of analog and has a serious collection to gear to reflect this. These days Robbie can be either found at his newly opened residential studio in Sweden or during his UK time he is the go to guy for recording gear to all of the producers we know and love. Over the years he has also released on numerous labels and currently is still significantly active in the world of music for Tv and Film, his recent clients include Nokia, BBC and RTE.
Both grew up with lots of different music around them and are influenced by early house music (as they are first generation ravers) but they also have a penchant for the leftfield side of things