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Whacque aka Pied Piper is the elusive alias of the record producer that stands behind numerous studio projects and concept releases spanning the genres such as: Deep House, Nu-Disco, Discofunk, DiscoHouse, House, JazzHouse, Nu-Jazz, JazzFunk, JazzFusion, Experimental, Avantgarde, Soundtrack & motion picture scoring and Library music The opus of the Piper-Fiddler organisation also includes edits, where PP is one of the digital pioneers in the field, having produced well over a thousand renditions, while being noted as one of the leading figures in the art of “Reproduction”.
Although formally trained as multimedia artist / painter / digital artist and designer at the London Institute, PP begun working as a DJ in the early 90’s in London immediately outlining his path spinning records. The natural progression lead to studio editing and re-mixing, and then gradually to overall general production. In the creative process and production process the focus is always held on extreme polyphony, heavy use of African, Brazilian and Latin percussion, complex drum patterns, deep chord progression, development of the “groove”, breakdowns and buildups, complex vocal arrangement, application of vintage analog tubed equipment and vintage instruments, and complexity, harmony and richness of production, while maintaining the maximum audible dynamic range and crystal clear quality. PP collaborated with the legendary DC Larue on his recent disco comeback, arranged the drums and percussion parts for numerous artists spanning the genres, played the drums for RL Smith family of KC & Sunshine Band, worked closely with Ernest Kohl, Austrian jazz singer Ines Reiger, Gerhard Heinz, re-mixed Motown and Salsoul catalog and scored original soundtracks for various media (film, TV, video games, mobile apps).