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George Kelly ft Ifigenia Atkinson – 'Tipsy Talkin'


After almost two years of preparations, Our Records kicks off in style with the first single 'Tipsy Talkin' of label boss George Kelly and wonderful vocalist Ifigenia Atkinson. A slice of the future, a slice of the past is what best describes ‘Tipsy Talkin’. Reminiscing of the early 90's and fueled with a moog bass, disco string stabs and deep phased pianos under a deep, floor-friendly groove, ‘Tipsy Talkin’ has the perfect tone for Mrs. Ifigenia Atkinson to lay her joyous and sexy vocals. Worldwide acclaimed Chicken Lips take charge of the remix job with a proto-house, delay-laden, synth boogie approach and shape things in 3 different flavors, a 'Club' and its respective 'Dub' as well as a super-hot 'Dub Deluxe' to close the release with an epic late night house journey and create some noise for an all-round superb opening release for the new label.

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