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Tulioxi Interview & Mixtape


Following up on with our man Tulioxi and his 'I Hope You Like To Walk" EP we get in touch for a little interview and ask all the  things you need to know about his music, influences as well as learn about his favorite gear and background. He also gets on the decks and provides us with the next volume in our artist mixtape series free to download from our soundcloud account. Check his mix out here.

You have been out there for a while. How long and how did you start making music?

My musical background is really far from the music I am producing now. I have always been surrounded by music and my first memory of an album that I actually bough was Eurythmics "Revenge" when I was 10 years old. I was also curious about ‘Iron Maiden’ covers which lead me to buy "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" and since then I am into metal with a perverted taste for the glam metal scene of the '80s: Motley Crue , Guns n Rose, L.A. Guns, Ratt, Poison (with a little shame of it) and the fabulous Hanoi Rock, thrash and death metal also. ‘Carcass’ are still one of my favorite bands. Then I discovered ‘Frank Zappa’ who changed my perspective of music and ‘Gong’ by Daevid Allen which in turn introduced me to Electronic music. I then started to buy sequencers and synths. My very first one was the tremendous Roland MC-303 and since 1998 I am producing electronic music. I was also playing guitar in a band and my first gig was in June 1993.

What inspires you?

I am not so inspired by things; in general, happenings, thoughts and real things do not influence me in the creative process. Most of the time I am making music to avoid thinking about "life facts".

What genre would you file your music under?
I always have issues when it's time to figure it. What genre to file my compositions? It also happens when I am looking for a label to release my stuff as it’s a problem to fit their styles. I have to think my stuff are suited for this or that genre or label and I also get rejected because of to much differences between my product and their "path".
Probably it's because I don't have a proper EDM education and I lack, I mean I really lack in history of dance music. This lack of knowledge brings a lot of surprises and unexpected results when I am producing a track, mainly when it comes to build a rhythmic pattern, like I am sure I am doing the perfect techno percussion loop but i do not realize that I got it with the wrong sounds. The result of this is my style. Maybe call it; Crossover Disco.

Plans for the future?

I am working on my own music label, ‘Cosmic Sumo’. We are planning the next club season and decided to go in tour with a showcase of our label focused on live performing. Plus after 8 months of composition, I just finished my latest album which will be my "big thing" for the next months and is an accurate and passionate tribute to Post-atomic/Sci-Fi movies of the late seventies.

3 favorite pieces of gear hardware/software ?

Probably I don't own any of the hardware that are my favorite in terms of sound and technology but i have good collection of machines because i started to buy equipment many years ago and I have never sold anything.(No, I sold the Roland MC 303.) So i have gear which I am very attached to even if it is very outdated.

1 : Korg Prophecy, my first VA synth, very complex  to understand, still now I find the management of the envelopes a pain in the ass and compared to current standards is probably outdated but has these beautiful OSC plucks that are still super cool.

2 : Vermona Drm 1 : A cool analog drum machine with 8 independent synth channels. Very sensible machine, it's enough to just softly touch the knobs and the parameter changes dramatically. Splendid Hi-hats.

3:  Analog Modular System, just because in terms of sound design and its open architecture there is nothing that can better connect the original idea of a sound with the actual result and of course because of the power and quality of the audio results