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Abstract Source Interview


A couple of weeks after his successful debut on Our Records we got in touch with Jules Dickens aka Abstract Source for a little chat and to craft an hour long DJ mix for Our Artist Mixtape Series. See bellow what he had to say.

Tell us more about Abstract Source and Elliot Chapman. How did you guys meet and started working together?

We were introduced in 2010 by my co-writer, Dan Compton who was in a band with Elliot at the time.
I started to send my instrumentals to Elliot and he would come straight back with very badly recorded ipod clips of him singing on top but you could just tell even at that stage that it was going to work!
We got Elliot into Sonic Cuisine in Goldhawk Road where top recording and mix engineer Wes Maebe did a sterling job recording vocals and mixing up the first tracks. There was almost a one year gap before i made the next 6 tracks all within one month... that was probably the most creative month of my life!

What genre would you file your music under?

Plans for this year? 
My aim is to build a band around Elliot with live drums, percussion, keys, sax and double bass. Live House music.. something along the lines of The Bays.
We played as a duo at the Roof Gardens in Kensington last year which went down really well but i think having a band around us would take it up a step.
I'm also working with visuals expert, Duncan Lethbridge to create a set of powerful and moving visuals for the live shows.

Who is your hero?
Derrick May

3 Favourite pieces of gear/software
Ableton Live, Korg R3, Jomox MBase 11