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Jorge Prida Interview


We got in touch with our man Jorge Prida from Mexico for a basic Q&A. He was kind enough to oblige and reply with some cool info as well as provide the first ever Our Records Artist Mixtape.

How did you get the music virus?

Its always been an obsession to me, the possibility of transmitting emotions through rythm, harmony, melody just keeps me awake at night, ironically i just cant sleep without music since i was 4 years old. Being part of that massive wave of expression is just marvelous and addictive.

What genre would you file your work under?

I have always been influenced by early house music, electroclash, new wave and rock; i think that could describe pretty much what i intend to accomplish, but would be a little short trying to label it because i also find funk and hip hop really interesting genres to experiment with. Could say that at the end its just an exotic blend of all the above.

What is the best live show you have ever been to?
I have been in many interesting shows lately, but if I had to choose would probably be The Presets live act on Washington DC, great small venue with the right people, no pretentiousness and extremely fun, just the way i like it.

Any plans for the future?
Keep producing, keep evolving in order to offer people fresh and honest music to rock their parties.

What are your 3 Favorite pieces of gear/software?
To be honest my studio equipment is really basic, but i have a massive fixation for old fashioned synths like Moogs, Junos and Jupiters. I like to arrange in Live, great piece of software i reckon; but love Logic to mix down. Of course i just cant forget my old Fender Strat for quick arrangements on the go .