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DJ Rocca Interview


Just after dropping four killer remixes for Warm Spot and Jorge Prida for recent Our Records releases we get in touch with Italian fame DJ Rocca for a quick Q&A. He also provides our next volume in the Our Records Artist Mixtape Series.

Whats up with the flute of yours, ever thought of doing a jazz solo album?

I graduated from the music academy in flute after studying alto sax and jazz improvisation, but believe me, I need to be more expert to do a jazz solo album! Jazz, at that quality level ,is really hard.

How is it to work with Dimitri from Paris?
It's great, we trust each other, and everything I propose to him is well accepted, and obviously vice versa. We played together in clubs recently, and it's fantastic, a true understanding. It's nice, because sometimes I play some tracks that he doesn't know and asks me, and I'll do the same thing with him ...

Plans for the future?

Lots of releases of course...a new single with Dimitri, another one with Daniele Baldelli, a couple of 12" on a Manchester cool label called El Diablo's Disco Club, a new Ajello 12", some edits for only vinyls labels, and 4 or 5 releases on my own label Danny Was A Drag King. With my Crimea X side project, we're in tour in movie theaters with our live show reinterpretation of John Carpenter soundtracks.

Do you have a hobby other than music?

Yes of course, I love to cook! Risotti are my fave.

3 Favorite pieces of gear hardware/software ?

Roland Space Echo RE-201, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland TR808...I'm a Roland addict...