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ILL Advised Interview & Mixtape


Following up with our man Sam 'Ill Advised Palmer' after his debut EP on Our Records ''Breakin' Out" we get in touch for a little chat and ask about his current and future plans as well as provides us with his essential Boiled Funk Edits Mixtape free to download from our soundcloud . Make sure to check it out here.

How did you start making music?
I was lucky enough to be surrounded by musicians and instruments as a kid, so I tried my hand at playing everything from guitar to drums, only to find I wasn’t very good at any of them. So when Hip-Hop came along it was my chance. I got 2 turntables, a mixer and a 4 track tape machine and made what can only be described, as noise, with a beat.

What genre would you file your music under?
I’ve made a lot of different styles of music but really it’s all just funk. Sure you can dance to it, but I’d prefer not to call it dance music, that’s always been a dirty word. Funk is also a dirty word, but in a good way.

What inspires you?

A challenge, i.e. can I make a song out of 2 pieces of wood and a toaster? Or I’ll commit myself to doing things in a set time period and use destructive editing with no undo. That way it’s more of a thrill, like driving a motorbike without a helmet.

Plans for the future?
Ideally I’d love to move into film scoring and sound design, but I’ve been saying that for about 15 years! To be honest I’m just happy making music, I don’t have any plans for global domination, and I’m always slightly suspicious of ‘musicians’ who do. I think we probably all start off with a tick box of objectives, the only thing I haven’t managed to do was ‘Top of the Pops’.

3 Favourite pieces of gear/software?
The Akai sampler, I’ve had a few different models,all the way up to the S6000, but my favourite is the S2000, the time stretch algorithms in that are amazing, even by today’s standard’s. When I started making music, I had a Roland SH-09 on long term loan; it has an aux input so you could use the filter on other bits of gear. It’s very unique and I miss it.‘Cubase’ on the Atari ST, I’d still be using it, if it wasn’t for the export mix function of modern DAW’s. I actually still have a stockpile of about 15 Atari ST’s still, just in case.