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Ilya Santana Interview


Just after remixing Which Way To Go by Rubberlips. Ilya Santana drops our next cut in our mixtape series as well as gets in touch for a rather special and exclusive interview.

How did you start making music?

Exactly in 2003, when I came back home after a month working on another island (close to Gran Canaria) without any music. I initially went for a week and I thought that I do not need my Cd´s or Mp3 player but finally I stayed there for a month. That was completely crazy for me, I needed the music more than ever and
on that moment I discovered that I want to make music. The first thing that I did when I came back home was to buy a computer and a 3 octaves midi keyboard.

What has been your worst job?

Hmm, i was the a sound technician in 2000 in a band of soul tribute singers, u know , connecting every night the gear on 5 star hotels around the island for live shows, every night the same show along 3 years,I can't listen again to "Reach out" by the Four Tops ;)

Plans for the future? Are we going to see you perform live?

Yes, a live show will be, but I don't know when, if i make a live show have to be some special, not only a guy with a laptop and a small keyboard playing loops.

You have been secretly creating up till now your signed Ilya Santana Artist library for Our Samples. Would you like to tell us more on what will you be including and what are you aiming with this product?

I am very exited about this project, everyone could add some "Ilya Santana" sound on his tracks. I am doing the most that I know, real drum loops, Arpeggios, efx in the disco and cosmic way.

3 Favorite pieces of gear/software?
One of my fav is the Novation V-Station, is very flexible, with the power of 3 oscilators, another that i always use is the Minimonsta (Gforce) is an emulation of the Minimoog, basses are too fat!
I love the pads of the Ominsphere, very organic and evolving motions, is perfect to add some background ambient to every track.