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Whacque Interview & Mixtape


After releasing his delicious 'Deep Vybez' EP on Our Records we get in touch with 'Whacque' to find out more about his persona and music. Although a new project Whacque is principally known as 'Pied Piper' and has been around for a long time, relentlessly producing, experimenting and sculpting his sound. We get to ask him about his influences and inspirations as well as how he goes about with his unique instrumentation and find out his favorite gear. He also provides us a rather excellent mixtape for our artist series ,free to download from our soundcloud account. Check the Whacque Mixtape here.

How was 'Whacque' conceived and what is it inspired from?

Whacque is essentially an avantgarde studio project, one phase of a collective, and meant to unify contemporary and classical dance music, disco and house, with jazz, fusion, jazz-funk and avantgarde and experimental. Not necessarily a commercial outing, more of a trip, an experience.

Sound like lots of live instrumentation and vocals, how many of you are there and what instruments do you play?
The group is more of a Rinder & Lewis affair, few guys playing all the instruments, with lots of elements added in the post-production phase, mixing phase and even further down the road. Basically using economy of force, novel techniques and just about every trick in the book, with emphasis on organic analogue sound, analogue instruments, dubbing and reverbing techniques, overdubbing, re-recording over and over, thus getting a multi-layered multifold and multi-dimensional characteristics. Most of the tracks were considerably cut down from their original length since they are all a trip. All in all, 4-5 musicians who are luckily all multi-instrumentalists and can cross-over whenever needed. I (PP) myself normally play drums, percussion, synths and bass, guitar licks, chords and flute blasts, since I actually don’t play these instruments in a proficient way. The music is organised in its ground level, but later spinning into typical session improvisation of the jazz provenience. This type of music is probably pretty expensive to make since one has to either owe a studio or have permanent access to one, and not on a booked session when inspiration cannot be seized properly.

What genre would you file your music under?
I would file it under Fusion Jazz although under normal nomenclature it’s classified as deep house or jazz-house. The house but is added for commercial purposes really. There’s lots of disco overtones as well.

Any chance of catching ‘Whacque’ play live, future plans?
This project is inherently a studio band and any live performance would shatter the principle, and would require ten additional musicians, and would undermine the whole philosophy of the “Rinder & Lewis” or “Lime” approach....

3 favorite pieces of hardware or software?
Fave pieces of equipment are, not in particular order: ProTools, Ableton Live, Arp Odyssey, Moog Minimoog and anything made by Rupert Neve, particularly the mixing console.