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Tonbe Interview


After dropping his 'Downtown Drive' EP on Our Records we get in touch with Milos aka Tonbe for a quick 'get to know you' interview. He also delivers the next mixtape in our artist series free to download from our Soundcloud account.  Check out the mix here.

How did you start making music?

After being a DJ for a few years, I wondered myself : "Why not try to produce music ? You have now solid experience?"
After a few days I started making music.

What genre would you file your music under?

It can not be one genre, it is a combination of disco, funk and house music.

What inspires you?

First of all good weather. Also : movies, lifestyle and music from the '70s and '80s.

Plans for the future?

Living for the moment, I don't like plans.

3 Favourite pieces of gear/software ?
#1 Korg synthesizers
#2 Technics turntables
#3 Allen & Heath mixers