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Rubberlips Interview


We got in touch with Rubberlips front man Robert Burbidge for a quick get to know you interview. He also provides us with a quite exclusive and rare mixtape for our artist series free to download from our soundcloud page. Read the full interview bellow: 

What does Rubberlips mean?

The name Rubberlips materialised through years of playing trumpet in various bands; orchestral, brass and jazz. It was during my time as a session trumpeter in the Leeds and West Yorkshire area of the North of England, working with various bands and DJ's in bars and clubs, that this name was finally cemented among those who recognised my unique playing and production style.

How Did you start making music?

I first started playing the trumpet when i was 8 years old and over the years became gradually involved in playing with various bands including the National Children's Wind Orchestra and Todmorden championship brass band. I first began producing at 18 when i recorded my first EP (Port Douglas) which was later released on Panama Red Records. Over the years I have built up my studio and with the help of friends and band members produced many records on various labels and play live trumpet at gigs throughout the UK.

What genre would you file your music under?

I couldn't really commit to filing under any one particular genre or style, lately i have tended to focus on live elements and electronic music. I listen to and produce a wide range of sounds from house and disco to trip hop, drum & bass and jazz. I am currently progressing and adapting my own personal sound which is under continual influence from many different artists and styles of music.

Plans for the future?
Regarding the future I would like to carry on working with various labels and musicians promoting on the radio and internet and in different social environments. I have been lucky with working alongside many different labels and  intend on continuing promoting the live arm of Rubberlips and producing for a diverse audience within recorded studio, airwaves, social media and record companies.

3 Favourite pieces of gear/software
I enjoy playing both the piano and trumpet as both are highly influential piece of hardware. My favourite pieces of software are Ivory 2 Italian Grand by Synthogy (due to its realistic sound) and Spectrasonics Omnisphere, which i use in many projects. I would have to say that for both live performance and studio environment the electronic keyboard Waldorf Blofeld along with selected samples and live cuts is a joy to play with and has an amazing range of sounds and possibilities.